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a weekend with two AKC judges

A Foray into the Minds of Rich & Pat Strong

September 23 & 24, 2017 · 9 am-4 pm

Sponsored by the Evansville Obedience Club

“To excel in your game, you must master the regulations and procedures of your game!”

  • An In-depth Look at Key AKC Regulations
  • Judge’s Guidelines and Expectations
  • Ring Setup & Judge’s Positioning
  • Exhibitor Handling & Ring Procedure
  • Scoring & Judgment Calls
  • Situational Analysis
  • Demonstration Teams - 40' x 50' Ring
  • Try Your Own Judging
  • New Regulations from the 2017 Obedience Advisory Committee
  • Discussion – The Future of AKC Obedience

This seminar is open to all obedience enthusiasts who would like to experience a unique and entertaining study of the sport of Obedience. It will be an interactive, two-day, open-to-the-public seminar that will be modeled somewhat after some of the great AKC judging seminars from the past. Understand what Rich and Pat look for as active exhibitors, instructors and judges.

Foundation and Novice related classes will be covered on Saturday. Open and Utility related classes will be dissected on Sunday followed by discussion on the future of the sport.

Lunch and chairs will be provided both days. Current copies of the AKC Rules and Regulations will be available.

Disclaimers: This is NOT a training methods seminar. Although it will be unbelievably informative and entertaining, it will not satisfy any AKC obedience judges’ educational requirements. Rally will not be on this agenda.

Rich & Pat Strong have been approved to judge AKC Obedience Trials for a combined total of over 45 years, scoring more than 200,000 teams. They have been teaching classes for over 50 years and have been training and exhibiting at AKC trials for over 70 years. They have judged multiple competitive tournaments including the AKC's NOI, NOC and Classic.

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Only $75 for One person, one or both days!

We're Rockin Rally

TWO judges, ONE great workshop


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2017, 9 AM - 4:30 PM

Charlotte Mielziner and Jamie Jo Sieveking, AKC rally judges, will preview the new intermediate and masters classes with helpful tips on performance and will review the new and older rally signs—all from a judges’ perspective and served up with a lot of fun. Whether you’re new to rally or a veteran, here’s where you’ll see strategies for success that will help you and your dog become a great team. 15 working spots-- a bargain at $30 per spot. 20 auditing spots-- $20 per spot, no dogs, please. Lunch on your own; many food choices in the area.

Please download the entry form and get it mailed to us by October 6th