Evansville Obedience Club

an AKC licensed club

serving the Tri-State since 1974

1400 N. Cullen Avenue        Evansville, IN 47715-2331       812-476-8634

Upcoming Trials

Agility Trial
May 4, 5, 6
Trial Premium download Obedience Trial
May 26 - 27
Trial Premium download Rally Fun Fest
June 9 - 10
Trial Premium download Agility Trial
July 6, 7, 8
Trial Premium download

Upcoming Events

Brunch with Connie, a TV class

Wed, May 2 10-11:30 AM

We'll view and discuss "Wrong in the Ring" and "The Benefit of Mistakes."  Bring coffee, snacks, and your dog, if you wish. This class is FREE and is open to anyone

Ready for Rally Fest - RunThrus

Friday, June 1

Must register with Registrar

$3 per run, may be paid evening of class. Open to anyone but MUST be ready to show.

Novice: 6 PM, Intermediate/Advanced/Excellent: 7 PM (approximately)

2018 Training Seminar

Matthew Twitty

July 21- 22

Training and Audting Spots

As of March 20th we have a few spots open

Information and Entry Form

Teaching you to train your dog

Our Qualified, Caring Instructors will help you learn the tools necessary to effectively communicate with your dog. No matter your experience level we can help you to have an enjoyable relationship with your family pet. We can also raise your skills to compete in obedience, if you so desire.

We promote dog activities for:

  • Happy, well-behaved pets
  • Responsible dog ownership
  • Well mannered companion dogs & family pets
  • Obedience competition

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Do you have family members under 18 years old who want to train and show their dogs? We can help you, and the AKC has tons of information. You can find much of it here: visit this page.